Mellified Man

by Warrior Pope

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Self-sacrificial body donation
Mummified in honey Bodies dripping and oozing Mellifluous purge
Life drawing to a close Facing the inevitable Seeking to reach beyond the end In service of those yet unborn An offer made A pact agreed Take control as a final act Luscious embrace of mortality
Process begins Ingest the nectar Ambrosial sustenance Living embalmment Osmotic pressure to crystallise organs Phytoncide opposes decay Natural preservative agent Delicious marinade Procedure continues Devouring more and more Seeping through pores And alveolus Osmotic pressure to crystallise organs Phytoncide opposes decay Natural preservative agent Delicious marinade Saponification process Skeletal adipocere formation Sweet and sour bodily remains For a future generation
Entombed in secretion A centurial remedy Fossilized human-insectum Vertebrate in amber Quadruped immobilised Frozen stare, welcoming gaze Rejuvenation through cannibalism The gift of death to supplement life
Mellified Man


Mellification is the process by which a human body is converted into a healing confection. The process must begin when the subject is still alive. Maybe it never happened, but I don't think that really matters.


released June 3, 2020

Oli Foxen: Bass
Katya: Drums
Nick Cottle: Guitars
Russell Barron: Vocals
Will Turner-Duffin: Additional Guitar, mixing, mastering.

Recording, Engineering: Joe "Golden Ears" Garcia @joesgaragebristol

Mellified Man Art: Janey @janeymonster [Instagram]

Photography, cover art editing: James Fenwick @jamesfenwickphotography [instagram, facebook]

Gear: Ampstack @ampstack [facebook, instagram]
Driving and carrying: Toby Oliver, Corey Dickman, Tom Crabtree
Space: RS @rsstudiosbristol [facebook, instagram]

Frankenstein bodge up instruments
Burman amps
Stak amps
Barefaced cabs
Pearl Drums
Sabian cymbals
Vic Firth Sticks
Rock-Wire cables


all rights reserved



Warrior Pope Bristol, UK

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